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Mindfulness: Mindfulness for Groups of Anxious Teenagers
Friday 25th December 2020,

Areas Covered: -

• Learning the skills of mindfulness and meditation to incorporate this into daily life.

• Preparation and first steps.

• Ongoing practice.

• Deepening the experience and benefits.

• Supporting each other.

• Supporting others.

• Managing potential anxiety at exam times or at any time during the school years.

Course Outcomes: -

• Increased natural calmness.

• Improved focus, attention and mental resilience.

• Increased self-awareness and awareness of others.

• Strengthened experience of emotional balance.

• Increased happiness.

• Improved memory, retention and recall.

• Improved physical health.

Who is it for: -

Older teens aged 16+ or younger teens aged 11-16. Recommended group size is 8-10 individuals.

Dates: -

To organise dates for your setting please email: anastasia.andre-warren@leicester.gov.uk

Duration: - The programme consists of three one-hour sessions. One-off sessions can be arranged. Up to 10 teenagers in a group

Fee: - £600 Location: -

Course details:

Reference: SPCLCOUR2768
Date: Friday 25th December 2020
Cost: £600 per delegate (Leicester Maintained Schools)
£600 per delegate (All Other Schools - Non-Maintained)
Trainers: City Psychology Service
Location: Trainng Via Microsft Teams

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