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Positive Touch Parent To Child Massage In Schools Programme
Wednesday 25th December 2019, To organise dates for your setting please contact davinder-singh.dhesi@leicester.gov.uk (Senior Educational Psychologist).

Who is it for:

Positive touch parent to child massage is for children Up to 12 years of age.  Massage in schools programme is for children aged 4-12 years.

 Areas Covered:

 Positive touch parent to child massage:

  • This is a course where parents can learn different massage techniques to use with their children
  • The aim of these sessions is to introduce toparents apositive touch approach in order to enhance attachment relationships,emotional well-being and self-esteem.

Positive Touch schools programme:

  • Develops nurturing touch in a school setting. It is based on respect, and involves a formal massage routine. The massage takes place whilst children are fully clothed.

Peer massage is:

  • For children 4-12 yearsold.
  • Given and received with the child’spermission.
  • Given by the children,to each other.On the back,head,arms and hands.
  • Useddaily.
  • Takes into consideration cultural and religious practices


Course Outcomes:

 Positive touch parent to child massage:

  • Supports attachment relationships.
  • Is calming.
  • Isrelaxing.
  • Allows families time totalk.
  • Is a good part of the bed time routine.
  • Promotes quality time.
  • Promotes positive behaviours.

 Studies and observations have shown that:

  • Children become calmer and have improved concentration which helps their learning.
  • Children have more confidence and increased self-esteem.
  • It teaches children to respect others and leads to social inclusion.
  • There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
  • Emotional health improves.
  • It helps children recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch.
  • Children show improved motorskills.
  • It encourages visual and kinaesthetic learning.
  • The school staff benefit from all these aspects.
  • Massage is fun

Dates: To organise dates for your setting please contact davinder-singh.dhesi@leicester.gov.uk 

(Senior Educational Psychologist).

Duration:  Four one-hour sessions per class.

Fee:  £360 per class

Course details:

Reference: SPCLCOUR2409
Date: Wednesday 25th December 2019
Time: To organise dates for your setting please contact davinder-singh.dhesi@leicester.gov.uk (Senior Educational Psychologist).
Cost: £360 per delegate (Leicester Maintained Schools)
£360 per delegate (All Other Schools - Non-Maintained)
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