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Social Emotional and Mental Health

Restorative Approaches in Schools
Thursday 18th November 2021, 09:00 –16:00

Areas Covered: -

  • What is conflict and how does it affect us? Can it ever be good?
  • What are the 4 main ways of resolving conflict and how effective are these?
  • Why Restorative Practices? What are the benefits
  • Using practical, mediator skills under the restorative model to solve challenge situations
  • Using the restorative model to hold a mediating conference between 2 or more parties
  • How we can apply this to the wider school setting and develop a restorative school?

Course Outcomes: -  

  • To understand the needs of individuals who are harmed and require support
  •  See the effects of harm from different perspectives and the effectiveness of Restorative Approaches as a primary response to conflict
  •  Be confident in applying the restorative model to help restore relationships for all people within our school communities
  •  Use specific techniques in  restorative mediation, when helping people recover from harm
  •  Use the wider principles of Restorative Approaches to foster a whole-school Restorative Approach

Who is it for? - SENCos, teachers, mentors and support staff

Days Running for: - 3 days

Dates: -

18 November 2021

19 November 2021

21 January 2022

Duration: - 6hrs with lunch x3

Fee: - £660 for 3 people (Buy 2 get one free) otherwise £330 per person

Course details:

Reference: SPCLCOUR2970
Date: Thursday 18th November 2021
Time: 09:00 –16:00
Cost: £330 per delegate (Leicester Maintained Schools)
£330 per delegate (All Other Schools - Non-Maintained)
Trainers: Paul Carr & Sarah Martin
Location: TBC

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