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Social Emotional and Mental Health

Team Teach – Level 1 Positive Behaviour Management:6 hour INFANT
Wednesday 23rd February 2022, 09:00 – 15:30 Full day

Areas Covered: -

NB: The accreditation provided by the Team Teach organisation for this course is the same as the other Level 1 Course.

 The course content is similar but emphasis and focus is placed on how strategies can be implemented for Foundation and KS1 children.

 Areas Covered:

  • Training in Positive Handling Strategies through a whole school holistic approach, ensuring increased understanding and ability to manage difficult and sometimes disturbingbehaviour.
  • TeamTeach aimstoreducerisk using de-escalation and diversion, exploring the possible reasons for challenging behaviour
  • Focus on support and safety for both children and staff
  • Thecourseisinteractivebothindiscussionsandpracticeof physicaltechniques.
  • A focus on restorative practice and post incident support
  • Understanding of what the law says about Restrictive Physical Intervention, recording, reporting and monitoring.

Course Outcomes: -

  • Participants will gain a nationally accreditedcertificate.
  • Increased knowledge, understanding and skillsaround challengingbehaviour.
  • Participants will gain the ability to utilise safe and basicphysical interventions.

  Alternatively, this course can be delivered in yourprimary school/setting. Please discuss this with your SEMH link teacher or         email. team.teachenquiries@leicester.gov.uk

Who is it for? –

Anyone from a Team Teach trained primary school or a member of leadership team if considering taking on Team Teach training as a whole school and works in foundation stage or Ks1.

Days Running for: -

 1 day course (6 hours)

Dates: -

Wednesday 23 February 2022


Duration: - Fullday, 09:00 – 15:30


Fee: - £150 per delegate. 

Course details:

Reference: SPCLCOUR3043
Date: Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Time: 09:00 – 15:30 Full day
Cost: £150 per delegate (Leicester Maintained Schools)
£150 per delegate (All Other Schools - Non-Maintained)
Trainers: Paul Carr & Shelley Piercy

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